Fundraiser for The Wilkinson's - Bracelet

$ 40.00

8mm Crystal Bracelet handmade with Crystals from Swarovski

Adjustable from 6.75" to 8.25"

Antique Silver Plated Metal (Nickel Free)

$15 of Each Bracelet will be Donated directly to The Wilkinson Family.

*** Bracelet is handmade to Order - Please Allow 3-4 Weeks for Delivery


Here is the story from the beautiful Lauren <3 

Two empty cribs and no babies inside.

I don’t even know where to begin or how to wake up from the nightmare my husband and I have been living. The last 8 days have been the most tortuous and trying times of our lives. The amount of pain we are feeling is immeasurable and there is no words to describe this feeling. It feels like a cold black emptiness that consumes your soul body and mind. You often question if you will ever be whole again.

As many of you know my husband and I have been expecting twin boys this September. Our angel babies were scheduled to be born on September 18th at 37 weeks plus 2 .

After shortly arriving to the hospital doctors could not locate the heart beat of baby B. I was given an emergency C section under general anesthesia immediately.

Dylan was born 6 lbs 8oz and 19.5 inches.
Carter was stillborn 8lbs 14 oz and 19.5 inches

After waking up from surgery I was given the tragic news that Baby B did not make it and Baby A suffered from catastrophic brain damage. We have no answers at this time on what happened inside the womb.

Dylan spent 7 days in the Nicu and we had the opportunity to hold him, kiss him, snuggle him, give him a bath, read him books and give him all the love he deserves. At 1:26 am on September 26th our sweet son passed away in my arms. He was called home to god and joined his twin brother in heaven.

Dylan has been approved by gift of life as a heart valve donor. Our sweet little boys donation can save two other families from dealing with this devastation. Even though we can’t bring our son home we have given hope so others can.

Even through this dark journey our friends families and even strangers have given us hope. We wanted to thank everyone near and far for the outpouring of prayers support and donations. We would not be able to get through this treacherous time without all of you.